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LED Wall Packs

Kelvin Temperature
  • LED Traditional Wall Pack Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable

    15L = 15,000, 10L = 10,000 Lumens, 7L = 7,000 Lumens
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  • LED Economy Wall Pack Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable

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  • LED Full Cut Off Wall Pack Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable

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  • LED Adjustable Wall Pack Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable

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  • Up/Down Cylinder Luminaire – 3K, 4K and 5K – 2,000 Lumens – ETL Listed – 5 Year Warranty

    Kelvin Temperature:
    3000 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, 5000 Kelvin
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Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting with LED Wall Packs
Illuminate Your Space Efficiently and Economically

LED wall packs stand at the forefront of modern outdoor lighting solutions, offering not only unparalleled energy efficiency but also exceptional durability. These versatile fixtures have become indispensable across various commercial settings, including warehouses, office buildings, schools, churches, parking garages, and more. Whether you’re seeking to enhance safety, security, or simply illuminate expansive outdoor areas, LED wall packs deliver optimal performance with minimal energy consumption.

Why LED Wall Packs Dominate Commercial Lighting

As the cornerstone of commercial outdoor lighting, LED wall packs are renowned for their reliability and versatility. These fixtures seamlessly integrate into diverse architectural landscapes, providing consistent illumination and enhancing visibility in any environment. From bustling urban streets to secluded industrial complexes, LED wall packs offer a reliable lighting solution that meets the demands of modern businesses and institutions.

Optimized Lighting Solutions for Every Setting

LED wall packs not only excel as standalone fixtures but also complement other lighting sources such as parking lot pole lights, outdoor floodlights, landscape, bollards and security lights. By strategically placing these fixtures, businesses can create a comprehensive lighting ecosystem that prioritizes safety, security, and energy efficiency. Whether used independently or in conjunction with other lighting elements, LED wall packs ensure optimal visibility and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.

Elevate Your Outdoor Environment with LED Innovation

With the ever-increasing focus on sustainability and energy conservation, LED wall packs have emerged as the go-to choice for environmentally conscious businesses and organizations. By significantly reducing energy consumption and minimizing maintenance requirements, these fixtures not only lower operational costs but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Embrace the power of LED technology to illuminate your surroundings efficiently and responsibly, while simultaneously enjoying long-lasting performance and reliability.

Experience the Difference with LED Wall Packs

Make the switch to LED wall packs today and transform your outdoor lighting experience. Whether you’re upgrading existing fixtures or embarking on a new lighting project, LED wall packs offer a versatile, cost-effective solution that meets the unique needs of your commercial space. Embrace innovation, enhance visibility, and elevate the ambiance of your surroundings with LED wall packs designed to exceed expectations.
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