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LED Area/Flood Lights

Light Distribution Type
Voltage Options
  • LED Multi-Purpose Area Luminaires Kelvin Field Selectable

    Accessories: None, MPAL-KFS-YKL = Yoke Mount (4L and 7L Only), MPOST17-LIne Voltage Ground Stake
    Lumens: 2L = 2,000 Lumens, 4L = 4,000 Lumens, 7L = 7,000 Lumens
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  • Multi-Purpose Area Light Pro Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable

    Light Distribution Type: Type III, Type V
    Lumens: 24L-24,00/20,000/14,000, 40L-40,000/34,000/29,000
    Voltage Options: Blank = 120-277, UNC = 277-480
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LED Area/Flood Lights

LED floodlights and area lights are used outdoors in stadiums, on sports fields to brighten up a large area and are also used to illuminate buildings for extra security and visibility.

LED floodlights have a longer service life and higher reliability when compared to old incandescent floods. The new solid state light-emitting diodes (LED) produce a very bright light for a small amount of power which makes these fixtures very energy efficient.

Contractor Lighting & Supply offers a large selection of different sizes and styles of LED Floodlighting. Our experienced lighting experts can assist you in making the right decision for your lighting project.
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