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LED Area/Flood Lights

Light Distribution Type
Voltage Options
  • LED Multi-Purpose Area Luminaires Kelvin Field Selectable

    None, MPAL-KFS-YKL = Yoke Mount (4L and 7L Only), MPOST17-LIne Voltage Ground Stake
    2L = 2,000 Lumens, 4L = 4,000 Lumens, 7L = 7,000 Lumens
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  • Multi-Purpose Area Light Pro Lumen & Kelvin Field Selectable

    Light Distribution Type:
    Type III, Type V
    24L-24,00/20,000/14,000, 40L-40,000/34,000/29,000
    Voltage Options:
    Blank = 120-277, UNC = 277-480
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LED Area and Flood Lights
LED floodlights and area lights serve as essential outdoor lighting solutions, commonly employed in stadiums and sports fields to illuminate vast areas. Additionally, they enhance the security and visibility of buildings.

Benefiting from advanced solid-state light-emitting diode (LED) technology, LED floodlights boast extended longevity and heightened reliability compared to traditional incandescent floodlights. These fixtures deliver exceptionally bright illumination while consuming minimal power, thus maximizing energy efficiency.

LED Technology: A Low Maintenance Solution for Area and Flood Lighting

LED lighting is revolutionizing the area and flood lighting sector with its low maintenance benefits. Unlike traditional lighting options, LEDs have an extended lifespan, often exceeding 50,000 hours, which drastically reduces the frequency of replacements. This longevity is particularly advantageous for area and flood lights, which are typically installed in hard-to-reach locations or expansive outdoor spaces. LED lights maintain consistent color over time, eliminating the color shifting seen in conventional bulbs. The predictable life span of LEDs based on LM70 and LM90 data provided by the manufacturer facilitates scheduled change outs.  This ensures reliable, high-quality illumination without the need for frequent adjustments or monitoring. The robustness of LED technology also means these lights are less susceptible to breakage and wear, further reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

NEMA 4X type photocells are pivotal for achieving reliable outdoor energy savings, as they are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions like extreme weather, dust, and corrosive materials. Their robust construction ensures consistent performance and durability, making them ideal for outdoor energy management systems. By utilizing these sensors, facilities can optimize their energy usage efficiently, leading to substantial savings and a reduction in environmental impact.

Overall, opting for LED area and flood lights translates into significant savings in time, energy, and resources, making them a smart choice for both commercial and residential properties seeking efficient and dependable outdoor lighting solutions.
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