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Recessed Lighting

2″ Inch Recessed Cans & Trims
3″ Inch Recessed Cans & Trims
4″ Inch Recessed Cans & Trims
5″ Inch Recessed Cans & Trims
6″ Inch Recessed Cans & Trims
8″ Inch Recessed Cans & Trims
Kelvin Temperature
  • 4″ Architectural Downlight – LKFS

    Trim Options:
    Specular Clear Reflector, White Stepped Baffle
    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 8″ Architectural Downlight – LKFS

    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 6″ Architectural Downlight – LKFS

    Trim Options:
    Specular Clear Reflector, White Stepped Baffle
    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 6″ Disk (Dome) – KFS

    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 6″ Module – KFS

    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 4″ Module – KFS

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  • 6″ Flat Panel – KFS

    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 4″ Flat Panel – KFS

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  • 6″ LED Remodel IC Rated Can, Title 24

    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 6″ LED New Work IC Rated Can, Title 24

    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 6″ Inch Adjustable Recessed Emergency Down-Light – UL Listed

    Bulb Options:
    1.5 Watt LED Lamp Head, 8 Watt Bi-Pin Halogen
    Black, White
    Custom TI Wishlist
  • 6″ LED Architectural Can & Frame-In Kit – 3K – 28 Watt – 2210 Lumens – Dimmable – Energy Star

    06-BL6TCLD / 06-BL6CLED
    Custom TI Wishlist
LED Recessed Lighting Solutions
Illuminate Your Space with LED Recessed Can Lights and Trims

Perfect for New Construction and Remodeling Projects

LED recessed lighting, also known as downlights, represents a sophisticated lighting solution seamlessly integrated into ceilings. These fixtures, when installed, provide a sleek, flush appearance, emitting focused illumination downward. Contractor Lighting & Supply boasts an extensive array of LED recessed lights, ranging from 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ to 8″ variants, catering to new construction, retrofitting, and remodeling needs. Our inventory includes specialized options like slanted can lights designed for sloped ceilings.

High-ceiling spaces, such as Retail spaces and lobbies, significantly benefit from large aperture, high-lumen LED recessed lighting. In such environments, these lights provide bright, uniform illumination from above, ensuring every corner is well-lit without the intrusive bulk of traditional fixtures. The energy efficiency of LED technology reduces operating costs, making it an economical choice for large, spacious areas. Additionally, the discreet integration of these lights maintains the aesthetic integrity of the space, enhancing architectural features without the clutter of external lighting fixtures. Contractor Lighting & Supply’s selection of LED recessed lights, especially the larger sizes like 6″ and 8″, are particularly suited for these applications, offering powerful lighting solutions that blend seamlessly into the architecture of high-ceilinged buildings.

LED Recessed Lighting Trims

Enhance Your Space with Stylish LED Recessed Light Trims
Recessed light trims constitute the visible part of the fixture, creating a polished aesthetic flush with the ceiling. These inserts not only provide a finishing touch but also influence the overall ambiance of your space. Contractor Lighting & Supply offers an assortment of LED recessed light trims, featuring various styles, colors, and sizes, empowering you to elevate your lighting project while staying within budget. Explore our diverse selection of in-stock trims, available for same-day shipping, and transform your space with ease.
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