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LED Vapor Tight Lights

Emergency Drivers
Kelvin Temperature
Occupancy Sensor
  • Vapor Tight Luminaire Kelvin Field Selectable

    Kelvin Temperature:
    3500 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, 5000 Kelvin
    14L = 14,000, 20L = 20,000, 6L=6,000
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  • Vapor Tight Slim Lumen and Kelvin Field Selectable

    Emergency Drivers:
    None, EM10, EM13
    7L = 7,000 Lumens
    Occupancy Sensor:
    None, ODS = Microwave
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LED Vapor Tight Lights

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures DLC Listed

The modern LED vapor tight light strip is bright, dependable and will save you money on electricity for years to come. All electrical components of our LED vapor tight fixtures are UL listed for the US and Canada.

Perfect for lighting projects such as garages, workshops, cold storage facilities, food processing plants, car washes, parking garages, and many other applications where weather elements, dust, water and moisture can be a factor.
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