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Vacancy & Occupancy Wall Sensor – 180 deg PIR Wall Box – Single Pole & Three-Way

Model: 11-SOVS-WH-MV
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Vacancy & Occupancy Wall Sensor – 180° PIR Wall Box – Single Pole & Three-Way


Sensor turns light both ON and OFF


California Tile 24 Compliant


The PIR wallbox vacancy & occupancy sensor is designed to replace a standard light or fan switch. This device can detect motion from a heat-emitting source (such as a person entering a room) within its field-of-view and auotmatically turn lights ON and OFF. The controlled lights will remain ON until no motion is detected and time
delay has expired. It’s suitable for indoor use only.


• Passive Infrared (PIR) Technology
• Replaces a standard light or fan single-pole switch
• Automatic ON/OFF and Manual ON / Automatic OFF operation
• Required Neutral wire
• LED Indicates motion was sensed
• Adjustable time delay from 15 seconds – 30 minutes
• Works with most common lighting types
• California Title 24 compliant
• Two year warranty


• Voltage: 120/277VAC, 60Hz
• Coverage: 180o, max 720ft 2 (67m2)
• Load horse power : L 1/5hp
• Operating Temp: 32o to 131oF (0o to 55oC)
• Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing
• Coverage Range: 180 Degrees
• Load requirements: 0-800W/0-1200W Incandescent, fluorescent, indicate LED lamp, compact fluorescent (CFL),  magnetic low-voltage (MLV) and electronic low-voltage (ELV).


• Private Offices
• Copy Rooms
• Conference Rooms
• Lunch / Break Rooms
• Restrooms
• Storage Rooms
• Classrooms
• Common Areas

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