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Microwave Sensor – 120/277/347 Volt – 5 Year Warranty

Model: 20-MC613VDRC-MWAVE
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Microwave Sensor – 120/277/347 Volt – 5 Year Warranty

The 20-MC613VDRC-MWAVE is equiped with microwave detection technology, mounting height as up to 15m and get 18m distance area. Suitable for warehouse applications. Easy to install with High Bay fixtures. The sensor is designed for indoor use. The sensors allow energy saving without compromising comfort. When used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts, they can achieve 3-step dimming function, which is perfect for use in some areas that requires a light change notice before totally switching off.


• 120/277/347Vac Input Voltage
• Stand-by Power: <1.0W
• On/Off, 3-step dimming function with detachable sensor
• North Amercian version for linear & batten lights
• Detection Distance: (Diameter*Height: 12m*6m Max.)
• Functions can be set via DIP or infrared remote control MH02, such as detection area, hold time, stand-by level, stand-by dim level etc
• 5-Year Warranty

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